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Office Network Cabling

Office Network Cabling

Office network cabling is hugely important for the connectivity that drives businesses in today’s digital age.

We can install all types of office network cabling from cat5e to cat7 and can advise on the most suitable cable for your application and budget. In today’s digital world network cabling is the lifeblood of an organisations communication and data sharing requirements.

Great hardware and software are useless if the cabling fails and the smooth running of your company is affected.

Key Aspects of Data Cabling:

  • Plan in advance for now and the future
  • Have cables which are easily identifiable
  • Include colour coding
  • Label cables and sockets
  • Make sure cables are the right length
  • Allow for expansion and improvements

Moving Office? Slow Network?

Whilst we primarily install and warrant new networks, we can also audit and improve existing network cabling.

If you are moving premises, we can audit any existing cabling in your new premises to ensure it is tested and working to the best of its ability before you move. We would check that it is correctly labelled so that the wall and floor socket numbers match those on the patch panel.

We can move or install any additional sockets that are required. This ensures that your office move is as smooth as possible and you’re up and running with as little downtime as is necessary.

If your systems are running slow, one explanation could be that your office network cabling is letting you down. we have the experience and expertise to diagnose and solve your issues.

New Setups for Data Cabling

If you are planning a completely new network we can work with you to design and install a network that is robust and suitable to meet the everyday requirements of your IT infrastructure. Get in touch to access out 25 years of experience and expertise.

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